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The oldest resident of Australia knit sweaters for the victims of the oil spill penguins

February 20, 2015

Sydney. The oldest resident of Australia, 109-year-old Alfred Deyta spends her time knitting sweaters for penguins affected by oil spills. Birds dressed in sweaters that have been saved from poisoning and hypothermia.

Since 2013, the Australian rescue fund penguins encourages volunteers around the world to knit sweaters for birds entering the oil spill areas. The fact that penguins clean their feathers on oil alone, with the help of the beak, and can be poisoned. And when the feathers are cleaned by special means, they are degreased and lose water resistance.

According to Data, when he came to the nursing home on the Central Coast of New South Wales in March last year, I immediately asked the nurse if he could in any way to apply your skills. Then they asked him to respond to the request of the fund and start knitting sweaters for penguins. The man who has learned to knit 80 years ago, actively began to work, the results, the Foundation called stunning. With the help of caring people from all over the world managed to knit a sweater for a colony of 32 thousand penguins.

In 2001, because of the oil spill affected 438 birds living on the island, but with the help of sweaters managed to save 96 percent of the animals.