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April 10, 2015

April 8, 2015 signed the first agreement on associate membership in the Union "Vorldskills Russia" institutions of further education "Bashneftehim."

The Treaty was signed by General Director of the Center "Bashneftekhim" Sergei Groń and CEO of the Union "Vorldskills Russia" Robert Urazov. During the signing parties also discussed further cooperation and the shortage of young technical specialists.

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement the Union "Vorldskills Russia" will contribute to the development of human resource capacity of the Training Centre "Bashneftehim" and skills of the fuel and energy complex of Russia, as well as provide advice and information support of joint projects. Cooperation also includes carrying out targeted seminars, forums and conferences, working groups and the optimal conditions for training and retraining of the fuel and energy complex, including a system of dual education.

In order to develop social and professional mobility of young cadres, the movement "Vorldskills Russia" and "Bashneftekhim" will develop and implement innovative educational technologies, identify common requirements for the level of training and provide action-oriented learning of students of educational institutions.

"For us it is very important to change the minds of young people, because at the moment there is a big problem: after school, children are reluctant to take on the job training specialty. Now a rupture in the age structure of employees because of their age is growing, little comes of youth. Accordingly, the experience of mature employees can not pass. We are aware of all this complexity, trying to convey to children that it is impossible to work all lawyers and economists. Someone in any case it is necessary to work in the production unit "- said SY Groń.

As part of the special events held by the standards of WorldSkills, will also ensure the development of vocational guidance, cultivation of child and youth technical creativity, and organization of scientific conferences, promoting the popularization of working skills among young people.