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Women it's time to take care of their health at work

March 20, 2015

In recent years, the number of women workers has increased dramatically in almost all spheres of activity, even in places where previously the female sex is not even allowed. Now many women juggle between motherhood and career, which poses a real threat to health.

This issue very seriously puzzled health specialists in China, where the number of female workers in recent years has grown many times over. Zhou Kinley, a research fellow of the Beijing Institute of Sports Science, a very long time has been focused on the study of women's health issues, she said that more and more women are faced with a variety of occupational diseases, both chronic and acute. The majority of women aged 20 to 60 years old have some kind of health problems, most often it is high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and coronary heart disease as a result of obesity, some serious sleep disorders and even cancer, arising from the failure of the immune system. According to figures cited by C. Kinley, almost every employee has back problems, including experiencing back pain, neck and hands.

It is assumed that working women should exercise regularly, at least three times a week for at least half an hour each time, the load should consist of aerobic exercise and strength training. But only 29% of women in China regularly involved in sports, among working women, this figure is much lower - 6%.

Most workers spend most of their time sitting at the table, which contributes to a sedentary lifestyle leads to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, weight gain and obesity. A sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on posture and can lead to curvature of the spine. There are cases when poor circulation to the pelvic area sedentary work leads to impaired fertility.

In order to somehow defuse the situation in the workplace should be every 40 minutes to warm up a bit, some offices can be equipped with stand-up tables for the job.

"Nevertheless, the majority of women believe that the work and so time consuming to spend it more and regular exercise," says Zhou. "They spend too much time to get to work and home, and very tired, so after physical activity."