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"Gazprom oil" has built underwater crossing of the pipeline across the river on Message

April 7, 2015

The project development team Messoyakha fields Gydan peninsula YANAO built in Russia's northernmost underwater pipeline crossing the river using horizontal directional drilling. Using this method has allowed to keep intact the natural landscape of the river Indikyaha, minimize the technological impact on the flora and fauna of the laying of the pipeline.

Construction of the pipeline length of about 100 km of 530 mm diameter was launched in October 2014, he joined the group Messoyakhskiye from the northernmost point of the trunk pipeline system, "the Arctic - purpe." For additional security wall thickness plot, which will be held under the river bed, an increase of 30% compared with the rest of the pipeline - up to 14 mm. To protect the environment from exposure to heat pipe thermal insulation was placed in a protective case with a diameter of 1020 mm with a wall thickness of 16 mm.

In the future, the pipeline route will cross another river - Muduyyahu through which will also be made underwater passage. Throughout the pipeline route will be equipped with fiber-optic cable, which allows you to control its integrity and to respond quickly to its violation. In addition, the facility will be installed fire and burglar alarm systems and video surveillance system.