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Master class from Irina Orlova "Formula of getting into the customer's expectations"

April 27, 2015

Good customer - satisfied customer

Klientorientirovannost - a requirement of time to service companies worldwide.

• How to understand what the customer wants?

• How to create a client feeling of personal attention?

• How to deal with different types of customers?

Find the answers to these questions are very important for the fruitful cooperation of employees and customers.

April 16 team training center "Bashneftekhim" participated in a master class "Formula contact with customer expectations," which led the leading trainer and expert PEI to UUC "Bashneftekhim" Irina Orlova. It was testing her authoring and training staff at the same time.

Application of this technology will allow staff training center in the future:

• Enjoy the process of implementation services;

• Properly build interaction with different types of customers.

And for the most training center will help to:

• improving the image;

• An increase in the influx of new customers;

• Returns rather "old" customers;

• increase profits.