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"Gazprom Neft" developing new technologies to improve the efficiency of oil production

October 1, 2015

Specialists of "Gazpromneft-Khantos" under the leadership function of geology and development experts and the Science and Technology Center "Gazprom oil" ("Gazpromneft NTC") conducted a multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (MGRP) on the new "bessharovoy" technology on the Ob field. Through the introduction of innovations able to conduct 11 operations hydraulic fracturing (HF) on one well, which is a record for the company. The new approach allows to remove technological constraints on the number of fractures held in one borehole and increase the effectiveness of the development of stocks of the company.

The peculiarity of the new technology, especially in the way frac port isolation (points inside the well, where it is planned to conduct hydraulic fracturing) from each other. When using the more traditional "ball" technology, each new area is separated from the previous SRC composite or metal ball. The diameter of the balls increases from zone to zone, and does not allow for more than 10 hydraulic fracturing operations because of the design features of the well.

During the MGRP on the Ob field as an insulator is not used balloons and a special tool with reusable seals the "cushion", which swells and separates the areas where EMG has held. After the work she returns to the original size and the equipment can be transported to the next place for fracturing downhole (while the balls after the completion of fracturing operations need to destroy the special). In this case, the number of frac stages is limited to the length of the hole and the technical and economic calculations.

In addition, the introduction of technology allows unlike the "balls" to carry out research within the well and re-fracturing and will start production after all operations.

"Finding, testing and replication of new technologies - an absolute priority for the" Gazprom oil ". The company consistently and purposefully engaged in increasing the level of adaptability. One example can be called a manifold increase in the high-tech wells in the total portfolio: at the end of last year, the proportion reached 40%. A number of wells with MGRP three years has increased almost six-fold, "- said the first deputy chairman of" Gazprom oil "Vadim Yakovlev.