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In Kopeisk has closed a warehouse of fuels and lubricants, where the explosion killed the worker.

November 15, 2015

November 12, 2015 12:44

Death working in a fuel depot. How to punish the owners of a dangerous object?

Bailiffs Kopeysk suspended fuel depot operations for 90 days. After the examination, Kopeysk City Court ordered the administrative suspension of the warehouse. Today, the wine company "Oil" Kopeysk "is not set, and the period of the investigation was extended until 20 November.

In addition, representatives of Rostekhnadzor felt that the death of a person is an indirect violation of the law of tank farms, and the fuel depot is hazardous production facilities, where an accident was made man's death. The penalty of suspension of activities for 90 days considered the most rigorous.

Bailiffs Kopeysk checked the object and found that to be oplombirovke not the tanks, and devices that provide fuel in the tank. Control activities warehouse by bailiffs of the court decision will be carried out on a daily basis, and warehouse director warned about criminal responsibility.

Recall, 21 October this year at the warehouses of fuel and lubricants Kopeysk fuel explosion, which killed the man.