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Former master EFCO for the death of a worker can go to jail

November 13, 2015

11.12.2015, Belgorod

Master, which is without the written authorization for the repair of equipment ordered working to eliminate fistula in the boiler, can now go to jail for up to five years for violation of safety rules, resulting in the death of man.

Investigation Committee completed its investigation against former repairman equipment, who is accused in the death of one of the employees. According to the press service of the regional Investigative Committee, the morning of June 5 this year, the master is not received written confirmation for repairs, ordered two mechanic-repairman and welders solder fistulas in the storage tanks of waste from the production of sunflower oil. When working gas mixture exploded in the boiler, and the 46-year-old mechanic-repairman received serious injuries from which he died later in the hospital. The Investigative Committee has completed its investigation of the criminal case and handed over materials to the court.

For violation of safety regulations during the work, resulting in the death of man, a man may go to prison for up to five years. In addition, the court may forbid him to hold certain positions for several years.