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Beware of the feast: how to secure your home in the New year

December 21, 2015

Fairy tale and magic of New Year holidays may disappear when the apartment is suddenly discovered missing heirloom or worse - precious home was damaged by fire. What measures to ensure their own safety and property should be taken to the New Year holidays have passed without the unfortunate incident?

"Dummy" presence

Burglaries are particularly relevant in the New Year holidays, when people are often lacking in their apartments. The owners, who are going to spend the holidays away from home, should think about the presence simulation to the thief was bewildered and once again the apartment is not helpful.

"Those who are going on vacation for a few weeks, it is necessary to ask the neighbors to pick up from mailboxes correspondence: everyone knows that shove advertising. Those boxes are crammed with leaflets or newspapers, attracted the attention of thieves and indicate that the apartment, most likely, is empty, "- says employee of the private security MOI of Russia in Moscow, Dmitry Smyshnikov.

According to him, the apartment owners who are going to celebrate New Year's Eve somewhere in the cheerful company also would not hurt to "trick" the thief. For example, in one of the rooms you can turn on the light. Many home television and audio equipment today allows you to program it to turn on and off at a certain time: audio background also will create a sense of presence.

But residents of the first floor expert advise in any case to set on metal lattice window, and from the inside. If this is not possible, it can not hurt to hang thick curtains or blinds to the street could not see what was happening inside - has a home there or not.

But if serving the residents of the house for the entire holiday period, then they should not openly show his departure because the robber can track the subject a few days and record all their movements.

The guards on consoles

Security alarm system is perhaps the most effective weapon against attacks on apartment from thieves. The main advantage of the equipment is that the sensors can react quickly and to inform about the penetration of the police and the owners themselves.

"If you have installed burglar alarms, the apartments above the door lit a red light. This is a signal that the house is protected. When a criminal sees a potential risk that the outfit can come and arrest him, he is such an apartment will pass, "- says Smyshnikov.

The average price of the system, the expert adds, from 20 thousand rubles. But, in fact, the market offers a huge range with a wide price range.

All security systems are divided into several types according to the principle of signal processing and alarm on alarm depending on where the signal is received. They may be standalone or Console. In the first case, the equipment is connected to the alarm station and the alarm in the event the flat leaves police squad. When an autonomous system of measures to counter criminals fall on the shoulders of the owner, that is, he himself will have to call the police.

Camcorders are also included in the list of home security systems. Of course, they can not protect your apartment from theft, but will record an event that in the future will help to calculate the offender. In addition, they can be set up and so that they react to the movement, says the agency senior manager "Arsenal SB" Dmitry Golovlev. In the case of penetration of the signal supplied to the DVR - and start recording. Screenshot image comes to e-mail to the owner, and the phone will come SMS message or a call. The average price of a video surveillance system - from 8 to 30 thousand rubles.

Without the "frying"

New Year - a holiday garlands and fireworks. Therefore, special attention should be paid to fire safety at home.

In the process of registration of apartments pay attention to whether a particular arrangement decor safe. For example, a Christmas tree or decorations of paper does not need to be placed close to heating appliances or batteries.

If the home has small children, be sure to fasten festive fir to kids no tar overturn it by pulling on the branch. In this case, the wiring can be damaged garlands that will lead to its fire.

Carefully observe fire safety you need and the choice of interior decorations for Christmas, says the head of the company "Norma-112" Ildar Safiullin. So, for example, residents of older homes need to remember the load on mains because overdo it with garlands and other electronic ornaments that are connected to a single power strip, can cause a short circuit and fire.

Pyrotechnics, it should be bought in specialized shops rather than grandmothers in underground passages. This is necessary to check the shelf life of the product, the expert adds. And, of course, run the fireworks must be strictly on the street, following all the instructions on the label.

If New Year's Eve in the house walks a lot of guests, some of whom are smokers, they should clearly identify areas for smoking and take care of the presence of ashtrays that must be cleaned regularly to prevent the fall of the cigarette butts on the carpet or other combustible surfaces. "It would be nice to bring the advance of the car, or buy a special fire extinguisher. The equipment will help you to quickly respond to the fire, "- says the expert. He adds that in the supermarkets you can find a fire extinguisher is quite acceptable for the money - 400 rubles for the "2 liter". Thus it is necessary to clarify the seller what type of fire extinguisher suit including elimination of ignition wiring.

Remember, fast response and the presence of an apartment fire extinguishing equipment will eliminate small fire and to avoid severe damage to property.