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In Bashkiria will judge bottled water "Nurly"

December 10, 2015

The quality of drinking bottled water "New Yumatovskaya" producer of "Trading house" Nurly "poses a threat to life and health of citizens. According to the experts of Rospotrebnadzor in Belarus for 2015, the year 15 times in water samples found all kinds of germs and bacteria, indicating the raw water, which may contain pathogens of acute intestinal infections.

Rospotrebnadzor RB discussed treatment of consumers complaining about the quality of drinking bottled water the first category "New Yumatovskaya" producer of "Trading house" Nurly ", located at the address: Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa area d.Yumatovo, ul.Tsentralnaya, 50 The.

Production and sale of water "New Yumatovskaya" volume of 18.9 liters of "Trading house" Nurly "carried out without a document confirming the safety of drinking water, issued in accordance with legislation.

Water "New Yumatovskaya" is insecure in epidemiological terms, which is confirmed by the results of the production control 2015 examination of water samples and violations of the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union, identified during the audit.

During the 2015 15-fold in water samples recorded exceeded microbiological safety indicators: total bacterial count (TBC), total coliform bacteria (EDO), thermotolerant coliform bacteria (TCB). Their excess have poor sanitary condition of distribution of water supply systems and their integrity, the possible presence of pathogenic bacteria - pathogens of acute intestinal infections, the possible nature of fecal contamination, lack of clean water or re-contamination after cleaning.

Information on the label of the product does not meet the requirements of technical regulations: no address production, posted a sign of market of the Member States of the Customs Union, although the water is not passed the procedure of declaration, indicate the number of the certificate of state registration, not covered by the water.

Trading house "Nurly" in the management of the processes of food production has not established and implemented procedures based on HACCP principles, are not organized production control over observance of sanitary regulations and implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures in the production process of water in order to ensure security and safety for humans and habitat such products and services. In identifying violations of sanitary rules on production does not apply measures for their elimination and prevent the emergence not suspend the proceedings, does not remove from the sale of products, does not inform the Office of Rospotrebnadzor for the Republic of Belarus on the measures taken to eliminate violations of sanitary regulations.

Furthermore, no organized disinfection of bottles used for water, disinfectants absent. Sink or processing tubes are not available, labeled containers for washing stoppers in the production are missing. It allowed the employees who have not been required upon employment and periodic medical examinations.

According to the results of testing against the manufacturer of products of LLC "Trade House" Nurly "compiled two protocols on administrative violations in st.6.4 st.14.43 and Part 1 of the Administrative Code. Drawn up on the temporary prohibition of the production of bottled drinking water "New Yumatovskaya." Materials administrative case forwarded to the district court in Ufa RB for a decision on the administrative suspension of activity.