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In London appears superqualitative

January 25, 2016

In London, it began the construction of a tunnel under the Thames, which will be the main element superkanalizatsii British capital. Reported Gizmag.

The need for construction of new sewage arrangements due to the fact that built 150 years ago by Sir Joseph Bazeldzhetom sewage system is outdated and can not cope with the large volume of London sewage. At the time of construction of sewerage system in London, home to about two million people, and now - more than eight million.

The tunnel under the Thames, which is estimated at 4.2 billion pounds, is designed to transport sewage. Thus, in the river directly enter faeces are no longer, and will be filled Thames entirely by waste water (e.g., rain). This will reduce the risk of flooding and increase the capacity of the system.

Laying of the tunnel will be carried out around the clock. Shtrekoburilnye machines will not only make holes, but also laid concrete structures.

It is expected that for every 790 meters of tunnel dig into the ground one meter, allowing dirty media flow naturally from one end to another. In addition, it should not interfere with other tunnels (primarily talking about the subway).

It is planned that the diameter of the tunnel will be seven meters, and its length - 25 km. Estimated depth of bookmarks structures varies between 25 and 65 meters. Tunnel construction completed by 2023.