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The experts noted the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the earth's atmosphere

January 25, 2016

Overall carbon dioxide emissions on the planet, most likely in 2015 will remain at the same level or even decline slightly. This is evidenced by expert estimates, published in the journal Nature, reports BBC BBC.

Reduction of pollution caused by the reduction in coal consumption in China, as well as the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources.

According to scientists, carbon dioxide emissions in 2014 increased by 0.6%. This year, they are likely to fall by the same amount.

The researchers point out that for the first time emissions will not increase with the growth of the world economy. Until now, the expansion of production was accompanied by a deterioration in the global environment.

At the same time, scientists expect to maintain the level of emissions is a temporary phenomenon. They will begin to increase again as the economy of developing countries.

Since 2000, emissions have grown by 2-3% annually. The slowdown occurred in 2014 and 2015, although the world economy has grown by 3%.