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Appeared without a mask? Will pay the penalty!

March 3, 2016

MP introduced an amendment to the law that is now employers can penalize employees who are in the midst of a flu epidemic refuse to wear a medical bandage.

From now on, stubborn, who are unwilling to work time to use protective bandages, will be fined by their employers. This reluctance to stop the spread of infection can significantly reduce the earnings of such people. Specific comments and amendments to the Labor Code and the Law "On sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population" proposed to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg A. Anokhin.

He suggested that at the time of the outbreak of influenza employees with clear signs of a cold allow the workplace only in medical bandages provided always that they will change them every 3 hours. In case of refusal to do so will be their employer has the right to penalize a large sum.

The justification for such a harsh bill is most likely the fact that medical masks can protect other members of the staff from the flu, and the observance of this rule can preserve the health of other employees of the company and prevent the closure of the quarantine.

Providing employees with masks should be the responsibility of the employers.

The document also stressed that if the employee refuses to use a mask in the workplace, the employer is entitled to deduct a fifth of his salary, as well as partially or completely deprive him of the premium for the period when there had been a serious breach.